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Running Pops
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Game Evolution During Q3 & Q4

Running Pops, the upcoming tournaments, will feature exhilarating levels for players to conquer. It offers a thrilling multiplayer experience where participants can go head-to-head, vying for victory while earning valuable in-game Matic. The best part? Running Pops will always remain free to play, with the chance to earn prizes. Additionally, there will be optional entry fees for tournaments that offer higher-value rewards.

Our objective for Q4 is to enhance the game by integrating superpowers like energy, agility, speed, and flexibility into each character. This will enable players to upgrade their characters and acquire various digital traits, thereby increasing the characters' value. Moreover, users will have the option to trade their characters on the secondary market, adding another layer of excitement and opportunity.

In Game Development
July 2023 - September 2023
Airdropping the pre-sale holders their 3D NFT characters from different collections will allow them to play with their own NFTs within the game. This exciting feature will be implemented in July, coinciding with the introduction of the multiplayer version and the inclusion of various character powers in August & September.
August 2023

Introducing our Stick NFT Mint! When users mint this stick, it will enable them to transform their 2D character into a 3D version, allowing them to play within the game, upgrade their character with powers, and even access the secondary market for selling opportunities.

Holders of this stick will also have the exciting opportunity to redeem their Running Pops Tasty Pack in real life. The Tasty Pack includes a year's supply of ice cream, complete with receipts and equipment.

Additionally, 10 lucky holders will find a free trip to NFT NYC 2024, including full board, within their pack.

November 2023
Players will have the option to exchange traits with other characters, enhancing their gaming experience within the game. Additionally, the game will offer engaging missions that users can undertake to improve their rank, increase their character's rank, and enhance its overall value.